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VB Daleks

VB Daleks screenshot

Found the Daleks game I wrote with my brother in 1991 at Click on the screenshot and it will boot up a DOS emulator to run the game. Avoid the robots and make them smash into each other. Each round you can use the sonic screw driver to clear all the robots in the adjacent and randomly teleport to another square.

VB Daleks was written using Visual Basic 1.0 and we distributed the game via FTP download sites, dial-up BBSes, and some websites via AOL.

I recreated the game using React. Check it out.

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Fixing MacOS Notarization Error 1048


When uploading a MacOS application for notarization, you may get the error

You must first sign the relevant contracts online. (1048)

Signing into your Apple Developer account and going to App Store Connect, you will see a notification that the license agreement was updated and you need to sign into your account on the Apple Developer website to agree. Clicking on the account link goes back to and there is no agreement to sign. Instead, you need to stay on the App Store Connect site, and click the Agreements, Tax and Banking item. Here is where you can agree to any updated agreements. Once there are no pending agreements, you can upload the notarized application without errors.

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