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CNET reviews Ora Time and Expense

Ora Time and Expense was recently reviewed in “10 Adobe AIR apps that make you more productive”

The article says:

As a former company auditor that spent far too much time inputting data into a time-and-expense tool, I was suspect of Ora Time and Expense. I thought it would be too simple. Oh, how wrong I was. Ora Time and Expense is, quite simply, the best time and expense app I’ve ever used. As soon as you download it, you’ll be treated to a fantastic design that makes it extremely easy to find anything you need. From there, you can add tasks, input expenses, and track your time. You can also run reports to see how much work you’ve performed and how much money you’ve made. The app’s timer will help you determine how long you’ve spent working. Ora Time and Expense is a must-try.


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Ora Time and Expense 1.1.14 released

Fixed client email field

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Ora Time and Expense 1.1.10 released

  • Updated to Adobe AIR 1.1 – adds support for international keyboard input and Japanese, French, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Fixed camera settings.
  • Mileage and project rate now match currency decimal place setting.

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Ora Time and Expense 1.1.13 released

Fixed Mac keyboard issue for money amount text fields

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Music Festival App Release

Music Festival app released to Apple App Store for Coachella 2009 music festival. Supports iPhone and iPod Touch. Learn More

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