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Introducing Sparkbooth DSLR

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Sparkbooth DSLR photo booth software is now available. Sparkbooth DSLR uses your compatible Canon DSLR camera to display live view and take photos for your photo booth.

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Introducing Sparkbooth Layout Editor

Sparkbooth Layout Editor is a visual editor for creating your own layouts to use in Sparkbooth. You can create layouts for a variety of paper sizes, photos, and customize the background and overlay images.

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Introducing Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk

Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk allows you to setup a separate station for your guests to browse, print, and upload photos to Facebook or Twitter taken by your photo booth. Just network your photo booth and kiosk computers together, and point Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk at the shared folder where your photo booth saves photos.

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Ora Time and Expense 1.1.15 Available

New release of Ora Time and Expense. Changes include:

  • Updated to Adobe Air 2.0. Ora Time and Expense will run faster as a result.
  • Fixed install error. If you tried installing Ora 1.1.14, you would have gotten an install error due to an expired signing certificate. This update will fix the install problem

If you have a previous version of Ora Time and Expense installed, please uninstall first before installing 1.1.15.

Download Ora Time and Expense

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